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“The Atlanta Butt” By Dr. Michael Carter

Buttock Augmentation And Brazilian Butt-Lift

Having the desire to change your body through buttock augmentation and liposuction, becoming fully informed of your choices, the expectations you have of results wanted and finding the right surgeon is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

Cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Michael Carter, has spent numerous years sculpting bodies of women to perfect the process he calls, “The Atlanta Butt” that is also known  as buttock augmentation and popularly known as Brazilian Butt Lift.

His patients have come in all shapes and sizes with varying degrees of unhappiness with their bodies. From the super thin who wish larger derrieres, the Mom who lost her shape from childbirth to the woman whose genetics predisposed her to a flat buttock that does little to fill out pants.

Regardless of your reason, shape or desire, to make the best choices you need a full understanding of buttock augmentation and liposuction body contouring.  Please continue reading below and the many pages on this site. Call Dr. Carter’s patient coordinator at (770) 648-5427 to schedule a free consultation.

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Dr. Carter begins by extracting fat through a full torso liposuction (and other areas if necessary. He then cleans the fat for fat transfer by injections for buttock augmentation. The liposculpture technique Dr. Carter uses is small straw-like canulas connected to bulb syringes that gently extract fat.

Buttock Augmentation And The Syringe Technique

Dr. Carter prefers this method as it allows for precise targeting of specific areas with a much greater sculpting ability and preservation of fat cells for transplanting a superb buttock augmentation. Dr. Carter does not use Smart Lipo or Vaser as these devices heat the fat to its boiling point with resulting destruction of cells.

When large amounts of fat need to be extracted, these devices can cause burning and damaging of the fat needed to transplant for buttock augmentation. For large women who are many pounds overweight, Smart Lipo and Vaser limit the amount of fat that can be safely removed.

Dr. Carter uses the tumescent technique form of anesthesia for buttock augmentation and liposuction. This technique is local anesthesia that minimizes blood loss and risks associated with general anesthesia. Since Dr. Jeffrey Klein created the tumescent technique, it has become widely acclaimed as the safest for the patient.

Dr. Carter will extract the necessary amount of fat in order to give the patient the size and shape of buttock augmentationthey are seeking. Dr. Carter’s goal is creating a sensual and curvaceous shape of the torso area as well as buttock enhancement.

Buttock Augmentation, Genetics and Superior Results

If a patient does not have sufficient amount of fat, she’ll have fun gaining weight for the next month so that enough fat is available to create a sensual buttock augmentation. The amount of fat available on a patient’s body determines how much fat can be injected to the buttocks.

Every woman’s body is different. Genetics predisposes the shape of buttocks and depending on that shape, Dr. Carter will explain in detail the amount of fat required to achieve the buttock augmentation shape the patient desires.

Dr. Carter practices open and honest communication with all his patients. He firmly believes that by providing patients with all the information necessary to understand the liposuction and buttock augmentation process, they can make the best decisions.

Call Dr. Carter’s patient coordinator today at (770) 648-5427 for a free consultation. Or text ‘butt’ to 95577 for a surgical coupon. Get all your questions answered and fully understand the process before making decisions. Dr. Carter is here to help fully understand buttock augmentation and liposculpture.